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Ordering Information and Terms and Conditions

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Recent Comments from Existing Members

"I like your style of advice and your simplicity. Plus you do timing of funds and stocks in addition to indices." - K.Patel.


"I really enjoy your service. Straight forward......a no-nonsense commentary on what is!" - D. L.


"This is THE BEST Investing site I've ever had. Great job and many thanks." B.N.


"You have a great site and you are too humble. You beat buy and hold on Dell by a factor of 10:1, but you show it as only an 89% Indicant advantage." - R.M. Retired Professional Engineer


"I can't remember when I became a member, but make certain I don't miss one single issue when my renewal becomes due." -D.L.


"Thank you for the buy/sell signals. Never endured a loss and only made money." - Wayne


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Indicant Outperforms Buy and Hold by nearly 2,000% Since 1900

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Buy & Hold Investing

   The stock market is the easiest place in the world to make money. No one shoots at you. Corporate politicians are not involved. Expenses are low. The trick is knowing when to be in the market and out of the market. Click here to see how Buy & Hold investors experience decades of grief every generation or so.



Become A Member and Receive A Free Report

   Upon becoming a member you will receive a free report linked to critical pages that you will need to know now. Your access to these market behavioral patterns will help you win the stock market battle.


Charter Membership at a Bargain

   New members at this time will be charter members. The advantage of being a charter member is no price increases for the next ten years. Also, you will automatically receive new services free of additional charges. Now the cost is less than 33 per day. The snail mail price was ten times that amount.


Limited Offer

   There will be a limited number of members. This is based on the phenomena of commonality. Successful trading models in the past ultimately failed because too many investors and traders make the same decisions at the same time. Such a phenomenon conflicts with the required "win-lose" protocol of free market systems. Membership and investing model saturation will not occur here.


Risk-Free Guarantee

   You will be refunded the entire membership price within the first 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with our service. If at any time after the first thirty days you are not satisfied, you will be refunded an amount equal to the unused portion. It is a risk-free.


Dedication to Members of The Indicant Stock Market Report

   Although the Indicant has been tested since the 1920's, it is a new internet service provided to investors and traders in the stock market. If the markets are about to move in a favorable or unfavorable direction, you will be notified by Email. You will be notified when to buy and sell certain stocks and mutual funds. Unlike many others in this business, we maintain a performance report card of buy/hold, sell/avoid, and bull/bear signals. It is updated weekly.



Privacy Statement

   The Indicant will not share members' email addresses, names, phone numbers, or mailing addresses with any other person or organization.


Important Note

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   The Indicant retains all commercial rights to the intellectual property contained in this web site and any other published material, including email updates and alerts. The name and material within The Indicant is protected under annual copyright registration. Redistribution or reproduction of Email correspondence or Web site contents must be authorized in writing by the Publisher of The Indicant.


   Raw market, stock, and fund information is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed as to its accuracy or completeness. Calculated information by the Indicant algorithms is verified by stringent quality control practices. If the raw data is wrong, the calculations will be wrong. Multiple sources of information and checks and balances are used as to minimize errors.


   From time to time, the publisher, editor, and members of his staff, and other associates may hold long or short positions in the stocks and funds mentioned in The Indicant and other published material. The objective of this Website and the Email advisories is to provide insightful commentary about market position relative to the various Indicant models and to promote appropriate market timing strategies for stocks and funds. No statement or expression of opinion, or any other matter herein, directly or indirectly, is an offer or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell the market indices or securities mentioned. The SEC encourages that readers should not view this publication as offering personalized legal or investment advice, and must individually determine the suitability of investments discussed for inclusion in their own portfolio. Although the Indicant has been tested from the 1920's to current time, past performance does not guarantee future performance.


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The cost to you is less than $1.00 per day and is risk free.



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