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Timing is everything.

The Mid-term Indicant signaled "buy" for Cisco Systems on October 23, 1998 at $14.67. On September 22, 2000 the Mid-term Indicant signaled "sell" at $60.31 for a nice 311% gain in a two year period. Some of you still hold Cisco Systems. When will it come back? At what point is Cisco going to lose their best employees? When will Cisco Management become lethargic, stupid, and lazy? Hey, it happens. Who cares? Just go by the Mid-term Indicant and not worry about all those other things.

In the above example, the Mid-term Indicant signaled "buy" for D&K Health Care on October 9, 1998 at $17.20. On August 27, 1999, the Mid-term Indicant signaled "sell" at $22.50 for a nice 30% gain in about a nine month period. When the Technology sector of the market started crashing in 2000, the Health Care Industry took off. The Mid-term Indicant signaled "buy" for D&K Health Care on September 1, 2000 at $14.04. As of October 19, 2001 the stock is at $47.01 or up by 235%. D&K stock at some point is going to go down and by quite a bit. When will that happen? The answer is on the next few pages. Please click the below hyperlink. It will take you about fifteen minutes to read the stock tour.

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