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Media Kit

(Media and Press Releases)

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James E. Vick, Jr.



   James E. Vick, Jr. is Editor-in-Chief of The Indicant Stock Market Report. Mr. Vick has over thirty-five years of experience investing in the stock market. During his many years of investing, he discovered that over 75% of stock market advice was bad. He also noticed that half of that bad advice was motivated for the benefit of the advisor and not the investor. Consequently, Mr. Vick and his staff have developed a series of models that will detect the market's short-term, mid-term, and long-term intentions. 

   After working for two large Fortune 500 companies for twenty years, Mr. Vick was an international independent consultant for over ten years, helping large and small companies improve their supply chain and financial performance.

   In the early 1980's Mr. Vick, a specialist in Experimental Design techniques, tracked stock market advice and commentary. He discovered that approximately 67% was bad advice within the next twelve month period and worsened from that. Mr. Vick noticed that so-called "informational" media was merely a marketing channel for the "expert" as opposed to meaningful and helpful information. This led to the discovery of the "phenomenon of commonality."

About the Indicant


    The Indicant offers members timing advice for the stock market, stocks, funds, and ETF's. Members pay a small fee for this information. This information is published via Email and updates to  


Site Content


    This web site has two major sections. Members can access every page in the site, whereas non-members have limited access. Members have exclusive access to tables and charts that illustrate the investment potential in the stock market, stocks,  funds, and sectors. Past daily and weekly reports are available to the public, advertisers, and the press in the back issues section. Links on the recent updates are limited to members. Also, members receive the latest updates via email almost daily and every weekend.


Site Traffic


    This web site receives daily traffic from its members. Additionally, it receives traffic from over eighty different countries. The traffic is heaviest on the weekend from U.S. hits, but evenly distributed through all seven days of the week from international hits.


Audience Demographics


     Membership audience is primarily adult with exceptional intelligence. They are interested in the stock market and related investment opportunities. Several express strong opinions in politics with much of it responsible and constructive.  They are in the upper middle class and beyond. Most are professionals. Some are shieks from the Middle East. Although the Indicant was developed for the individual investor, several members are stock brokers, financial advisors, fund managers, and institutional investment managers. The Indicant would prefer all members be individual investors, but has no way to police that.


Ad Rates


   The Indicant does not accept advertising on this site. See comments later on this page about stock brokerage firms. Reciprocal links that benefits members is considered from time to time. However, only Indicant Members have access to the latest updates.


Technical Information


    The Indicant consists of several different market timing models. They are the Near-term Indicant, Quick-term Indicant, Short-term Indicant, Mid-term Indicant, and the Long-term Indicant. These five basic models advise members of the stock market's behavior within these five different time horizons. For more information, click Frequently Asked Questions. The Indicant does not forecast the stock market. It simply advises of bull/bear, buy/hold, sell/avoid. Anyone accurately forecasting the stock market simply enjoyed a few seconds of good luck. Such luck will not repeat.


Indicant Update Frequency

(Quick-term and Short-term) 


    The Short-term Indicant (near-term and quick-term) is updated daily for several popular-ETF's and major indices, including some contrarian ETF's.


Indicant Update Frequency

(Mid-term Indicant)


    The Mid-term Indicant is updated weekly for ten U.S. Market Indices, 100-Mutual Funds, 100-Common Stocks called Indicant Select Stocks (mostly former NAS100-stocks and sector specialties), the Dow 30 Stocks, the Dow Utility Stocks, and the NASDAQ100 stocks. After the charts are updated during the weekend with "bull/bear" signals for indices and "buy", "sell", "hold", and "avoid" signals. Email updates are forwarded to members each weekend.




Indicant Update Frequency

(Long-term Indicant)


   Economic data is updated monthly, but performance is updated weekly in the Weekly Stock Market Report

Indicant Performance


    After each weekend's update, the Indicant's performance is updated on the web site. Many advisory's promotional material is different from their actual performance. The Indicant advertises on the same web site that the members use.


Indicant Advertising


    The Indicant advertises via various media with 100% of the direction to Offline promotions include and, both of which are directed to That way prospective members see the same information that members (subscribers) see.


Advertising on the Indicant


    The Indicant does not publish or release the mailing addresses of its members, including email addresses. The Indicant does not allow banner advertisements or any other media that could be distracting to its members. At the request and at the convenience of its member, "find a broker link" will be added to this web site, if it has not already been done when you read this.


The Press and Copyright 


    The Indicant authorizes members of the press to publish any materials contained in this web site. This authorization is only for members of the press and no other person. The only requirement is for appropriate credit recognition in your articles. Members of the Indicant are authorized to forward email updates to their friends and family. Non-members who may receive such updates will be unable to access the charts and proprietary update information in the site. The only way to access such pages is to become a member and enter a user id and password.


Press Contacts


    Members of the press may contact The Indicant via email at or by calling 817-579-0261. Your calls will be answered within twenty-four hours. Also you can fax to 817-579-0356 or write to The Indicant, 5102 Wedgefield, Granbury, Texas 76049. With all due respect, advertisers should not contact us, with the exception of brokerage firms or anyone who can administer the trades our members wish to implement. We wish to link to your web site or phone number as a convenience to our members.




    Anyone can become a member by clicking here. The number of allowable members is capped at between 50,000 and 75,000. If we detect that more than 1,000 members are mutual fund or institutional managers, we cap at 50,000 members. The reason for this is due to the phenomenon of commonality. Simply put, it is impossible for the crowd to be right in the stock market, much like a gambling casino. The Indicant never wants its timing releases to influence the stock market. All great timing models of the past ultimately failed when their creators oversold their advice. 



All material contained in this Web site is copyright protected. Any redistribution of any information in this Web site is expressly prohibited unless written authorization is granted by the publisher  of Indicant.Net.

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