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Several reasons why you want to become a member of Indicant.Net

Reason #1. The Indicant signals you to "buy" near bottoms and "sell" near tops. Click for examples.

Reason #2. The Indicant outperforms high priced analysts for you for less than $1/day. Click for example.

Reason #3. Since the 1900, The Indicant outperforms buy and hold by over 2,000%. Click here to see. To see how the Mid-term Indicant generated you over 600% on a stock that stayed flat over a twenty year period, click here and take the tour. To return to this page, just click on "Become a Member," which can be found on the top of each page.

Reason #4. No matter what the market is doing, there is always something to make you money. The Indicant promotes sector investing in mutual funds,  the NASDAQ100 stocks, high volume stocks, biotech/health, fuel cell stocks, and other stocks. Although the markets were flat from 1998 - 2001 with significant volatility, some Indicant selected stocks generated a 349% return during this three year period. Its unique sector investing in mutual funds would have advised you to an 82% return during that time. It is fun to see and know detailed market behavior.

Reason #5. The Indicant keeps you informed about the market so that you will never be surprised by its movement. The Mid-term Indicant tracks major market indexes, including option indexes, and international markets. The Quick-term Indicant tracks major markets daily. This will help avoid startling stock market surprises.

Reason #6. The Indicant Membership Renewal rate exceeds 70%. It is important to remember that the number of allowable members is limited to avoid the pitfalls of the phenomena of commonality. Buying and holding is no longer a safe method of investment. Product life cycles are faster. Industries are changing. Management stupidity and dishonesty can cause a stock to plummet at any time. Even some mutual fund managers have joined the ranks of the dishonest. The Indicant's model will help you get out before such catastrophes and move onto to other investments.

Reason #7. You will be kept informed via email and have full access to the web site. You will receive the following information via email with links to charts and Indicant status:

  * Daily Short-term stock market updates with bear/bull signals for major U.S. markets.

    * Weekly updates of the Mid-term stock market for the following:

        Major Markets (each weekend) with clear bull/bear definitions.

        Pertinent" economic data that drives the market.

        Major option indexes.

        Twenty-two international stock markets.

        One-hundred popular mutual funds with sector investing buy/hold; sell/avoid signals.

     Over 150 stocks, including the Dow 30, NASDAQ100, biotech, fuel cell, energy stocks, and other sectors with buy/hold; sell/avoid signals.

    * Long-term Indicant for blue chips (Dow Jones Industrial Average) each month with weekly updates.

Reason #7. The Mid-term Indicant out-performs "buy and hold" on the stock markets by a significant amount. The Mid-term Indicant's sector investing out-performed "buy and hold" in mutual funds by 130.8% in the recent bear market. Stocks did even better. The Indicant takes performance comparisons very seriously and you can view the performance metric by clicking here.

Reason #8. The Indicant reports performance on an on-going basis. Unlike many advisories, the Indicant does not advise on any security and then goes on to the next, hoping you forget about prior advice. All prior "buy" and "sell" recommendations are tracked continuously and made visible to you on the charts. Mid-term performance is reported to you each week. Quick-term performance is reported to you nearly every day. And you can check your own investments against the Indicant's reported performance. Click here to see the current report card.

Reason #9. The Indicant has models for long-term, mid-term, and short-term investors. You will not always be a long-term or short-term investor. The Indicant provides a different perspective of the market for your benefit. The Long-term Indicant signaled "buy" into the blue chips in November 1991. As of December 2001 that advice has resulted in a 200+% gain. On the other end of the spectrum, the Quick-term and Short-term Indicant is updated daily. The Mid-term Indicant is updated weekly. This can be helpful to those who are new to the market, nearing retirement, or some other immediate cash needs. Click here to see back issues.

Reason #10. Becoming a member is risk free.  If you are not satisfied with our service within the first 30 days, we will refund the entire amount. And if beyond the first 30 days we will refund the unused portion.

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