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Dow Jones Industrial Average History

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The Indicant account grew to $38,684,881 by bear signal #07 on Jun 1, 2012. By clicking the link in the preceding sentence and looking upward to bear signal #07, the Indicant's performance advantage increased to 2,494.8% over buy and hold. The Indicant gains advantages over buy and hold during stock market bears.

It loses a little during stock market bulls since some bear signals are triggered at at the short-cycle green curve, which is also a common stop point to the stock market bear. However, when it does not impede the stock market bear's ambition, you will appreciate the bear signal (or sell signal for stocks and funds). 


President George W. Bush' second term endured the most bearish stock market in an election year since records can be found, dating back to 1832.

The bullish spurt following bull signal #04 was obviously without merit. Fundamentally, we knew it and disliked having to signal bull at that time. However, rules of math and heuristics were followed, as always and without regard to fundamental views. It fell below the trip line, triggering bear signal #05. The old model signaled two bulls in late 2008 and in doing so prompted the inclusion of the short-term curves (blue and green). The heart and soul of bullish seasonality starts in October or November of each year. Those bullish expressions in late 2008 appeared solid, based on the heart and soul of bullish seasonality. The inclusion of of the short-term curves helps differentiate spurts from sustainable direction.

After the election of a democratic president, coupled with a majority democratic congress, the stock market bear unleashed is pleasured torment on the honest capitalists, as it knew it had the backing of a harmonized government to wreak its path of destruction.

The housing crisis contributed to the stock market bear. It originated in the Jimmy Carter administration. Keep in mind, however, a republican, Senator Phil Graham, designed the model that led to mortgage derivatives; a ridiculous investment instrument. To understand the nature of the housing crisis, please review the Aug 24, 2008-Weekly Stock Market Report-Hard Economic Data-Physical Objects-Volume 8, Issue 04. In summary, it was fomented with a legalized form of white collar crime.


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