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Dow Jones Industrial Average History

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By bear signal #11 on Apr 15, 2005, the Indicant enjoyed an account balance of $28,441,231. Buy and hold balance was at $1,512,144. That amounted to an Indicant performance advantage of 1,780.9% performance advantage.

As you can see, the Indicant regained some performance advantage statistics between bear signal #03 and bull signal #04. Stock market behavior such as that is what powers the Indicant's success. The shorter cyclical bull/bear cycles introduce some grief from time to time, but the losses are small; albeit aggravating from time to time.

Many of you recall the frustrations from the meandering stock market bear in 2004, which reasserted itself in Q1 and Q2 in 2005.


President George W. Bush endured classical stock market performance with a bearish post election year (2001), and a bullish pre-election year (2003), and a mildly bullish election year (2004).

The mid-term election year, again, found a cyclical bottom, as usual, in late 2002. Unfortunately, bear signal #05 had to be triggered shortly after that for technical reasons. However, the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003 coincided with the beginning of a Mid-term Indicant stock market bull, identified at bull signal #06. Many online Indicant members recall the massive number of buy signals in March 2003. Interestingly, Apple did not get its buy signal until May of that year at $7.23. It was just another one; nothing special. However, it turned out to be the best performers over the next ten years, rising to over $600/share by March 2012. Rest assured, it will not continue to be so. All companies eventually fail, as dilettantes tend to gather at what is already successful.

The stock market was appropriately bearish when the World Trade Center plummeted to the ground with terrorist attacks. Enron, who followed Bill Clinton's leadership example that lying was okay, fueled the stock market bear. That changed how accounting reports would be read. Some not so famous cases of financial fraud were not even detected. For example, Delco Remy valued used-engine cores in Kansas City, MO. at over $650 each in 2000. In an effort to raise cash by selling them, the best bid came in at $15 each. These engine-cores were for Cadillac automobiles, dating back to the 1970's and 1980's. The over-valuing of inventory was a source of their profits, as opposed to real profit generation. It, like many, was a dog of a company, who was envious of their perennial low stock price, as compared to more robust companies, such as Dell Computer during that time.

Although the stock market bull in 2003 was very much welcomed following the horrid stock market bear of mixed magnitude in 2000-2002, it was not one of the more robust stock market bulls. President Bush, like most, started a major war effort to enhance the probability of his re-election. Keep in mind, however, the British Intelligence agency and Bill Clinton were the first to warn that Iraq was acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Never trust any politician and any government agency. They are simply too incompetent or have selfish motives.

The meandering stock market bear was predicted by the Indicant. Although the Indicant rarely offers a forecast, the parametric values were too obvious to not mention that frequently in its 2004 daily and weekly stock market reports.


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