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Dow Jones Industrial Average History

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The Indicant balance at bear signal #06 on Jan 28, 1977, which was triggered when the Dow fell below the trip line with bearish Force Vectors, was at $3,500,284. Buy and hold was $143,536.


Although the above chart suggests stock market nervousness, it was classical with a bearish post election year, a cyclical bottom in the mid-term election year, followed by the normally bullish pre-election year and election year.

The market anticipated the 1974 recession by over a year. This recession was rather easy for the market to spot with OPEC embargos, rising oil prices, long lines at gasoline stations, and political upheaval.

Again, non-producers were influencing their false power on the international economy. OPEC, a collection of non-producers, who lucked out by being born on huge oil reserves imposed an embargo in 1973. This dishonest, non-value added behavior, like all those before, contributed a recession and a bear market.

The market again anticipated the 1974 recession a little early. Nixon's resignation was not influential. Rising oil prices was entirely influential. The market showed tremendous bullish respect for tax shelters. Congress passed legislation helping the parasitical elite to avoid hefty taxes. Most members of congress are professional people, who benefit tremendously from these shelters, while the common blue collar worker enjoys few of these benefits. On the other hand, hard working capitalists, who can afford accountants and attorneys would also benefit. So, its passage was not entirely a bad thing, although immoral to the masses at that time.


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