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Dow Jones Industrial Average History

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Bear signal #01 on Apr 13, 1962 yield a cash Indicant cash balance, excluding commissions, of $1,756,785. Buy and hold was at $103,118 since the related 1900 $10,000-investment.  After a few signals later that year, the stock market bull completed dominated.


President Kennedy did not have much opportunity, as he was assassinated during his third year in office. The mid-term election year of 1962 found a classical stock market bottom. As you can see, the stock market bull was not disturbed with the assassination of a U.S. president, contrasting with its normally bearish response several decades earlier.

The DJIA Index moved incongruently to historical standards in the post election year in 1961, which uncharacteristically demonstrated bullish expressions. The balance of the years in this presidential election cycle were congruent with historical standards. The mid-term election year of 1962 found a market bottom with bullish expressions in the pre-election and election years of 1963 and 1964, respectively..

The market was not that impressed with the Telstar communications satellite, although the bullish expressions leading up to it and John Glenn's orbit was influential. The recognition of the discovery of DNA was the beginning of biotech wonders.

As usual a war was bullish for the stock market and the economy. Politicians were increasingly interested in this strategy as a vote getting mechanism. The populace tends to support an incumbent president during war.


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