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Dow Jones Industrial Average History

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At bear signal #01 on Nov 23, 1956 when the Dow fell below the Mid-term bullish red curve for the first time in several years, the Indicant account value crossed above $1,000,000 for the first time. Buy and holders at that time did very well themselves. However, the Indicant account balance was at a 1,664.5% performance advantage over buy and hold at time.

Interestingly, a buy and hold strategy had to wait 25-years just to break even in 1954 from their 1929 stock market investment. 


President Eisenhower endured a classical post election year bull in 1953 and again in 1957.

However, the stock market was a good place to invest in during his tenure. He played a lot of golf. He was a military person and did not meddle with economic issues too much. Congress, for the most part, did the same. The 1950's were a relatively happy time. One can hear it in the evolving music during that time, where artistic creativity was heightened.

As you can see, the stock market did a good job identifying recessions ahead of their actuality.


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