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Dow Jones Industrial Average History

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There were many bull/bear signals during FDR's second term with a solid bearish trend. By bear signal #10 on Nov 24, 1939, the Indicant balance amounted to $285,289. Buy and hold was at $22,256.  The Indicant balance, however, lost value during this tumultuous period. Six of the bull-bear cycles endured losses with the largest loss of 6.9% on Mar 11, 1938 at bear signal #02. 


FDR endured three years of stock market bears in his second term with only one bullish year,

As you can see from the above chart, the stock market reflected the sloppiness of FDR economic meddling. Politicians, for the most part, are 200-hitters, but their egomania leads them to believe they are 400-hitters.

His policies fostered yet another recession. Rather than taking it easy and enjoying Hoover's successful modified policies, FDR continued meddling with the economy. His meddling made things worse. He fostered another recession and several more years of a stock market bear.


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