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Dow Jones Industrial Average History

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The old Indicant model detected the stock market crash of 1929 before it happened. However, that older model had more signals. Even though it detected the crashes of 1929 and 1987, the latter of which produced 600% profits for the publisher of the Indicant in Oct 1987. Despite that, though, the newer model provides more opportunities for profits, as opposed to triple digit profits every sixty-years. Most of us only get to enjoy about forty-years of investing exuberance.

Despite the crash of 1929, the stock market enjoyed a rather long bull cycle from bull signal #02 through the nasty bear signal #03. That amounted to a 90.7% gain despite the horrific crash in Oct 1929.

The Indicant enjoyed a 204.3% advantage over buy and hold at the time of bear signal #03.

Even though bear signal #03 was a bit late relative to the crash of 1929, most would accept a 204.3% gain over a three-year period and thus another justification for adopting the newer model.


All four years of Calvin Coolidge's presidency were stock market bulls. He followed along the coattails of Warren Harding, who was a businessman before a politician. Coolidge could do little to be economically destructive during his tenure. He reduced the size of government and the stock market bull rejoiced.

The DJIA Index was incongruent with presidential election cycle's historical standards as a great bull market unfolded in the face of the Great Depression. Rockets, televisions, and flying across the Atlantic propelled the market to new highs. Capitalists again dug deep and produced yet more values.

As you can see the market showed little respect for the economic recession of 1927 in favor of showing profound respect for the capitalistic greatness of the roaring twenties and in recent prior years.

Of course, success breeds failure and the economy was about to endure fifteen years economic pain, followed by World War II.


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