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Understanding Stock Market Phenomena

A perfect bull market would extend upward along a straight line. There is no such thing as a perfect bull market. There is also no such thing as a near perfect bull market. Scroll down to understand stock market phenomena.

A near perfect bull market would be non-linear and never encounter bear markets. It would move periodically sideways, but never go down. Please continue to scroll down to see what you already know.

The stock market goes up and down in a cyclical pattern. If you started investing at the age of 30 and lived to be a hundred, you will definitely make money in the stock market as long as capitalism prevails. However, even with prevailing capitalism, it is possible that you would lose money by your 70th birthday. FDR socialistic methods created such disappointments during his tenure as president.

That is why many older people tend to invest in bonds or less volatile securities.. That is because time is no longer on their side. If the market goes into one of those secular bears, they could lose money by their hundredth birthday. Click here to see how this has happened. Since not too many people live to be a hundred, as of this writing, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. If people eventually to live to be one-hundred and beyond, rest assured a capitalistic system will do that.

Blind traders lose money in the cyclical turbulence of the stock market. There is no need to be a blind trader. The Indicant is not a widely distributed method. It avoids the phenomenon of commonality (commonality phenomenon).

Please click here to gain more insight about the market and the Indicant's ability to spot cyclical peaks and cyclical lows.

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