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Quick-term Indicant - Exchange Traded Funds Tour

a proven demonstration of beating buy and hold

Indicant members have enjoyed the Quick-term Indicant for years. It helped identify quick-term shifts in the direction of major market indices. Stocks and funds do not always follow the stock market. The Indicant has now been expanded so members can make money on specific market shifts in direction. The Quick-term Indicant beat QQQQ buy and hold by 86.1% from March 1999 through April 14, 2005. The buy and hold investor's account would have shriveled to just over $7,000 while the Quick-term Indicant trader's account amounts to $13,046 before commissions and taxes. The charts illustrating this are below the following table. The consolidated SQI model beat buy and hold by 178.9% with only four trades during this time. Scroll down to see all the Quick-term Indicant charts for the QQQQ Exchange Traded Fund. Click here to the current report card.

The above chart covers the QQQQ from March 1999 - December 2000.

The above chart covers the QQQQ from January 2000 - December 2001.

The above chart covers the QQQQ from January 2001 - December 2002.

The above chart covers the QQQQ from January 2002 - December 2003.

The above chart covers the QQQQ from January 2003 - December 2004.

The above chart covers the QQQQ from January 2004 - August 2005.


You will notice the above charts cover a two year period. The first year is the second year on the previous chart. Each year a new chart is started with the prior year on the chart so members can relate to the most recent experiences with the ETF.

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