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Recent Catastrophes

The Mid-term Indicant's performance metric demonstrated abnormal successes this past year due to several stocks it tracked that tanked. The Indicant helped you avoid losses of over 90% on some stocks. Although the Indicant enjoys out-performing "buy and hold" it is not fun to do it this way. The Indicant no longer tracks the following stocks with the exception of Enron which has a slight chance of rebounding. It is still tracked in the Dow Jones Utility Group. None of the other stocks have much chance of a rebound and are no longer tracked by the Indicant.

There have been some nightmarish events unfold in the stock market the past few years. Corporate America has attracted dilettante managers. These managers were not only fakes, but were dishonest. Highly productive American workers have acted as a propulsion unit to the stock market even in the face of these snakes who have somehow climbed the corporate ladder.

Please scroll down to see how the Mid-term Indicant could have helped you avoid these catastrophes:

The first one was Enron. The stock collapsed from respectful prices to pennies in a short time. You can see from the below chart, how the Indicant could have helped you avoid that catastrophe.

The next big disappointment of false greed was MCI World Com. As you can see, there were many more signals. The last sell signal would have helped you avoid a 91% loss.

The story does not stop here. Continue scrolling down to see more stocks who were represented by excesses in cronyism, credentialism, and other good ole boy leech behavior.

Typically founders do not perform dishonest actions. That just goes to show you that dishonesty can be delivered from anywhere. The Aldelphia family became corrupt with corporate governances' checks and balances. Power corrupts.

The Metromedia board employed hirelings who gave themselves huge bonuses for low performance. This is a classic example of the cronyism that pervades corporate America. 

Even the fundamentally bullish biotech sector stocks can take a tumble. The Mid-term Indicant would have saved you 99.9% of your investment here.

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