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This website links to data that is constantly changing. A future reader linking to constantly changing data will see the data as it is at the time of their viewing and not as it was at the time of observation and commentary. As of March 2008, data is retained here so that a future reader can see the data as it was at the time of observation for a more thorough stock market perspective and the appropriate relative frame of reference.



2017-1029-Correlations Between Oil Prices and Inflation

2014-0615-Weekly Supplement - DJIA Week 27 Since 1900

2014-0525-TLT's Contrarian Nature and Potential Leading Indicator

2014-0504-S&P100 Finally Toppled Mar 23, 2000 Closing

2014-0202 Inflation Adjusted Indices

2013-1208-More About Gold

2013-1124-Narcissism Exposed

2013-0224-Every Other Generation

2012-1125 The Second and Subsequent Terms of Presidential Post Election Years

2012-0827 Tribalism

2012-0527 Socialism and Bob Uecker Egos

2011-0821 Presidential Pre-Election Year

2011-0807 Mid-term Red Bull Losses in One Week

2011-0717 NASDAQ Breakout Difficulties

2011-0610 Chinese Prostitutes, Intellectual Elites, and the Blackberry

2011-0327-Bull or Bear Part 2

2011-0116-Gold Approaching Prior Peak From 1492

2010-1219 Fuel Cell Plus a Few Others

2010-1212 Resistance Points

2010-1024 Stock Market Political Performance

2010-0807 Similarities 1971 and 2010

2010-0725 Bullish Spurt

2010-0704 This Summer's Stock Market

2010-0404 Per Capita U.S. Debt to Exceed $100,000 before 2040

S&P500 Since 1950 and DJIA 1920-1952

2010-0228 Indicant Volume Indicator and Suspicions Regarding March 2009-January 2010 Bull Leg

2010-0222-Weak Bullish Participants Suggests Bullishness without Sector Breadth

2010-0131-Comaratives between Great Depression and Great Recession

2010-0124 - China Shorting

2009-1212 Decision Making Using OPM

2009-1129-Bullish Synergy?

2009-1115-Buy and Hold?

2009-1025 U.S. Senate Threatens Bull

2009-0816 Correlation of political unpopularity to stock market

2009-0809 GE, GM Eastman Kodak

Presidential Election Cycle

2009-0620 Weekly Report - Re: Sam McLaughlin/Stupendous Edifice and the attraction to dilettantes.

2009-0509 Weekly Report

2009-03-22 Weekly Report

2009-02-08 Weekly Report

2008-12-29 Daily Report

2008-12-28-Weekly Report



2008-04-27-Week of

2008-04-20-Week of

2008-04-13-Week of

2008-04-06-Week of

2008-03-30-Week of









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