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Apr 29, 2008 - Late Night QQQQ Overview - If you scroll down just a little you should see the pertinent points regarding the three charts under discussion. The top chart is the current QQQQ. You will notice its Vector Pressure is positive just as it was in August 2006. You will also notice the similarities between now and August 2006. The August 2006 chart is on the lower left. The August 2006 price moved above bearish yellow and with rising Vector Pressure. The Quick-term Indicant signaled buy, which it usually does during bull markets. A nice profit was yielded between the August 2006 buy and the early January 2008 sell signal.


However, you will notice a slight difference between August 2006 and today’s buy signal. The Force Vector behavior ahead of the August 2006 buy signal was aggressive and had a robust configuration. That is not the case with the current buy signal. Although recent Force Vector movements were to the north, it did not express great magnitude like it did in August 2006. This is not saying the buy signal is not a good one. This is to inform you of the possibility this buy signal may not last that long.


Notice the chart on the lower right. As you can see, the Force Vector behavior ahead of positive Vector Pressure was fairly aggressive. It did not get that much magnitude though. There was some fluttering. That is when the market vacillates in directional intensity. After the fluttering subsided and directional intensity was obviated, the Quick-term Indicant signaled sell. QQQQ fell by nearly 50% on that particular bear leg in 2002.


Keep in mind this ETF was priced at over $100/share in early 2000. It fell to around $20/share by late 2002.


So, keep your eye on these attributes for all of the ETF’s. The Daily Stock Market Report will advise of sell or hold. Each ETF behaves differently, although most of the non-contrarians move in the same direction at the same time. The contrarian ETF’s march to their own drum beat.

Apr 29, 2008 - QQQQ Vector Pressure continues to rise. Please click this sentence to view the concerns expressed on April 6, 2008. As you can see, Vector Pressure climbed into bullish domains. The price is about where it was sold in early 2008 after the August 2006 buy signal. Please refer to the daily reports to see buy/hold/sell/avoid tactics.
Apr 28, 2008 - S&P600 Breakout Drops, Breakdown dropped several months ago, Tangential line intersected several weeks ago. This is bearish. Please refer to the upper right hand corner of the chart. As you can see, breakout, BO, dropped to the south, which is bearish,
Apr 28, 2008 - S&P100 - Its BO has not yet dropped in value. The S&P400, S&P600, and Dow Composite Indices are all signaling bear with a long-term perspective.
Apr 27, 2008 - Presidential Election Year Results - The second most bullish is the election year, but its record is spotty. 

Apr 27, 2008 - NYSE since 1995 - If one were to take the more conservative approach to stock market investing, one would be looking at alternatives. The two inclining pink lines on the chart are interpolated through breakdown inflection points. When the market falls below those lines, the trend is no longer north. That means the trend must be south. Aligning investments congruent to trend offers increased probability of profit potential.

Apr 27, 2008 - NYSE 2007-2008 - Taking a closer look identifies two potential views of the market. One can easily argue the trend is south, but the cycle is north. Vp, Vector Pressure, is positive. That is a bullish attribute. Force Vectors, Fv, have shifted back to the south. That offers the potential for bearishness. If declining Force Vectors do not shift Vector Pressure back into bearish domains, the Quick-term Indicant will most likely signal buy for quite a few ETF's in the next few days. However, if Vector Pressure falls back into bearish domains, avoid signals will continue.



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