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Daily Stock Market Reports

Short-term Cycle - Daily Indicant Updates

  Click here for the current daily stock market reports this month.

Click the below months of interest for the past year's daily stock market reports

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       The last daily report from the prior week is pasted in the weekly stock market report, which is retained for much longer periods than the daily reports, which are retained for only the last 12-months.

(Click here to see past issues of the weekly reports)


The Indicant keeps the last twelve months of daily stock market reports on this web site. Effective October 1, 2005 the daily reports included tracking pertinent Exchange Traded Funds in addition to the major indices. The Short-term Indicant update is posted to the website nightly. If you are interested in daily updates from prior months, please feel free to click on the month of interest in the below table.

Note the dates on the top of each of the daily reports. For example, if the current month is June, the June report is from the prior year. That way you can check out the Indicant's accuracy from the past.

Be patient when opening some of the pages, as they contain a lot of information. Each month contains several daily reports in date descending order.



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