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Abandoned and Changed Securities 2017

The current date column is the date the security was abandoned or changed to another group.

Scroll down to see comments about abandoned stocks


Group Nbr Symb Name Current Date Curr Price STI Blue Price STI Green Price Last MTI Trade Date Last MTI Trade Last MTI Trade Price Curr MTI Status Perform Since Last MTI Trade Annualized MTI Perf MTI Red Price MTI Yellow Price Chart Status
MF #53 CEFFX Congressional Effect 06/30/17 $9.59 $9.61 $9.61 11/11/16 Sold $9.64 Avoid -0.5% -0.5% $10.06 $9.76 Scroll Down Abandoned
ISKT #12 EMC EMC 06/30/17 $29.05 $29.03 $29.04 03/04/16 Bought $26.31 Hold 10.4% 7.8% $28.58 $25.76 Scroll Down Abandoned
ISKT #36 JOY Joy Global 06/30/17 $28.30 $28.17 $28.09 10/03/14 Sold $54.35 Avoid -47.9% -47.9% $29.85 $31.63 Scroll Down Abandoned
ISTK #40 LLTC Linear Tech 06/30/17 $65.00 $64.35 $63.84 10/14/11 Bought $31.21 Hold 108.3% 18.7% $57.46 $46.08 Scroll Down Abandoned
ISTK #72 MWW Monster 06/30/17 $3.41 $3.43 $3.36 11/13/15 Sold $6.15 Avoid -44.6% -44.6% $4.37 $4.62 Scroll Down Abandoned
ISTK #80 AMCC Applied Mic 06/30/17 $8.45 $8.40 $8.31 11/11/16 Bought $7.55 Hold 11.9% 18.6% $7.99 $6.67 Scroll Down Abandoned
N100 #100 YAHOO Yahoo 06/30/17 $52.58 $49.34 $44.42 06/15/12 Bought $15.36 Hold 242.3% 47.4% $44.47 $33.58 Scroll Down Abandoned


MF#53-CEFFX Congressional Effect - Last Trade in Feb 2017. Self-victimization of the phenomenon of commonality. Once the fund was opened for trading with all the associative promotions, the Phenomenon  of Commonality unfolded. With that, the fund underperformed. Additively, attacking the political elite in a big way will be met with a backlash. As of July 2017, the political elite and their mainstream media pals continue backlashing the voters who elected Donald Trump. Some even call the voters a backlash, while in fact, the false elite are backlashing. There is plenty of money to be had, which is currently your money, while false elites feel entitled to it. Low IQ's gaining access to air time on radio and television does not dismiss their absence of intelligence. It obviates that. The phenomenon of commonality cannot be denied. The louder the left orates, the more emboldened the so-called right becomes. There is an antithesis to any thesis, except those born by fact.

ISTK#12-EMC-Abandoned by The Indicant due to no longer being traded.
ISTK#36-Joy-Abandoned by The Indicant due to no longer being traded.
ISTK#40-Linear Tech-Abandoned by The Indicant due to no longer being traded.
ISTK#80-Abandoned by The Indicant due to no longer being traded.
NAS#100 Abandoned by The Indicant due to no longer being traded. It was acquired

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